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Do you want to organize a congress or event that will be remembered for a long time? In that case, the Beurs van Berlage is the perfect place! Because of our long-time experience with events and congresses, we know how to achieve the highest quality. Time after time and in the middle of the characteristic historical centre of Amsterdam. Would you like to see what the rooms look like, or rather have some to-the-point information about the capacity of the rooms? Click below to discover de Beurs van Berlage.

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Due to the updated regulations from the Dutch authorities in response to the current corona-virus, we regret to inform you that the Beurs van Berlage, including the Micro Art exhibition, will be closed until further notice.

World premiere!

Ukrainian nationally known artist Mykola Syadristy and Turkish talent Hasan Kale are making their works available together for the first time in the unique exhibition – Micro Art Amsterdam – which is on display until  December 31st in the Beurs van Berlage.

The works of Mykola, which mainly consist of precious metals such as gold and platinum, have been exhibited around the world and admired by more than 160 heads of state, including Jimmy Carter and Ban-Ki-Moon. The majority of his collection is displayed in his own museum in Kiev: the Mykola Syadristy Museum of Microminiatures, which receives no less than five stars from Trip Advisor.

Among the most appealing works of art that will be on display in the Beurs van Berlage, the smallest windmill in the world (1.8 millimetres small and made up of over 203 parts) a rose, built from delicate gold wire in a hollowed out human hair, a three-dimensional portrait of Rembrandt made from a pit of a blackthorn and Columbus’ ship.


Seeing is believing

Hasan Kale is celebrating his 25th anniversary this year as a painter of miniature paintings. He paints on objects from our daily lives such as a grain of rice, a nail, a needle. He has been working on micro-performances of the Night Watch by Rembrandt for a year and a half, which are now on display in the Beurs.

At Micro Art Amsterdam, fifty works by Hasan Kale can be seen, including four micro reproductions of The Night Watch and five micro portraits of our royal family. On July 1st, the day the exhibition opens to the public, Hasan Kale will be present and work will begin on these portraits. He continues to work on it so that they will be ready at the grand opening in September.

The following applies to the works of both artists: seeing is believing. The artworks are so true to nature and the details so exceptional, only your own observation will convince you. Documentary films are shown in different languages ​​in the central part of the exhibition space. They show how the artists realise their creations. Where usually the right order is first to watch the film and then the artwork is, with this exhibition it is the other way around. To take in and truly understand what your own eyes have just seen.

The exhibition is accessible to visitors who use a wheelchair, a walker, or a mobility scooter. There is, of course, a wheelchair toilet available.
The exhibition Micro Art Amsterdam is situated in the basement. You will easily get there by taking the elevator. Please keep in mind that the works by artist Mykola Syadristy can only be seen through a microscope. Therefore, these can unfortunately not be seen by wheelchair users.

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