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Andy Warhol in the Beurs of Berlage

Andy Warhol in the Beurs of Berlage, a private collection owned by Lex Harding exhibited. "Art must not be locked up behind closed doors"

Amsterdam is all about PopArt this summer. During the months of July, August and September, the PopArt collection of media entrepreneur Lex Harding is exhibited in the Beurs van Berlage. In addition to the extensive collection of art by Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Keith Haring and other PopArt representatives, almost all album covers that Warhol made in the period 1960-1987, as well as posters, signed books and other works on paper. A large part of the special exhibition is formed by prints. Only from Warhol there are more than 100 prints to be seen.

Origin of PopArt

PopArt is an art flow that originated in the early sixties of the last century. "I was just 20 and became aware of the PopArt's development," Harding explains as he unfolds his plans. "Take the iconic banana on the cover of the first album of The Velvet Underground from 1967. The album is hardly known, but after almost 50 years, the image of the banana has not lost its strength."

Founded as The Factory

Part of the exhibition is set up like the famous 'Factory' in New York, Andy Warhol's studio.There, visitors can see how a silk screen is created. There is also a serie of photos that Warhol's 'court photographer' Nat Finkelstein made in the '60s' in the '60s'.

PopArt and Amsterdam

 "When composing the exhibition, I searched for links between PopArt and the Netherlands. For example, I passed the Dutch gallery of the past away owner George Mulder last year, good friend of Andy Warhol and publisher of the series 'Reigning Queens'; He had four different images of the ruling princes in 1985. Queen Beatrix which is of course the best known princes to us. In addition to the letters of Andy and George that I posses, I also purchased a number of silk prints with unique colors, which shows a total of 22 Queens at the exposition, of which 10 are different from Beatrix. I also found a booklet that Warhol sent to Queen Beatrix in 1985 with the command: 'To your Majesty Queen Beatrix, Love, Andy Warhol, June 85, New' At 'Royal Collections' I borrowed the booklet for the duration of the exhibition for you to see ".

The link with the Netherlands is further reflected by a beautiful portrait of Warhol, made in 1982 by the Dutch photographer Patricia Steur. From her work there is also a picture of Keith Haring, who painted an enormous piece of art in 1986 at the central market halls in Amsterdam. Besides a large number of prints, Roy Lichtenstein also has an original poster of an exhibition in 1967 in the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam.

Mick Jagger

The exhibition shows an average of the most popular PopArt prints of the last century. Harding: "I do not always strive for complete series, but usually only the most beautiful ones out there; From Mao, Marilyn, Muhammad Ali, Campbell Soup and Mick Jagger. Of the latter there are 10 different prints of which I have 9. I hope to get the 10th for the summer byborrowing it from someone. That would be the cherry on top for me ". As a reason for the exhibition display, Harding says: "At home, only a limited number of people can enjoy it. Art must not be locked up behind closed doors, but must be seen, preferably by as many people as possible. "

Ticket Information

Andy Warhol will be exhibited at the Beurs van Berlage until 30th September. 

Opening hours: van 10 am to 6 pm (the ticket office will close at 5 pm) 
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Ticket prices at the register; 

  • Adults € 15
  • Kids (6 to 16 year old) € 6.50
  • CJP/Museumcard € 12.50
  • Students € 12.50

Tickets online;

  • Adults € 14
  • Kids (6 to 16 year old) € 5.50
  • CJP/Museumcard € 11.50
  • Students € 11.50

Tickets are available via Ticketmaster or het the register. Website Andy Warhol Amsterdam

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