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Beurs van Berlage

The Beurs van Berlage is a hotspot that cannot be missed during your visit to Amsterdam. It is the vibrant meeting point in the heart of the city. One thing is certain, there is always something to do in the unique historical building! Have a bite to eat in one of our restaurants, visit the Tony's Chocolonely shop for the tastiest chocolate, order the most delicious fish dishes in The Seafood Bar, rent a bicycle or use one of the lockers in the Bike Rental and discover the secrets of Sherlocked. Check out events and the expositions in our calendar.

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The Beurs van Berlage exudes history and character. In 1903 it was already a bustling trading place and today it is a “one in a million" conference location in the warm heart of Amsterdam. High quality and service, an impressive atmosphere and excellent facilities are central. A bustling location that you will not soon forget!

Our organisation

The Beurs van Berlage is a national monument located in the historic centre of Amsterdam. With a total area of ​​16,000 m2. Where a wide spectrum of different companies hold offices, the most desirable and prestigious congresses, events and exhibitions are organized, two restaurants are located, Meet Berlage facilitates small meetings and there are even two escape rooms, a bicycle shed and a Tony’s Chocolonely super store: the Beurs van Berlage has been the hotspot since 1903 and the Beurs van Berlage is at the top of the market.

In the 1980s, the building already had a social function with concerts, events and exhibitions. The costs for major foundation repair and lagging rents forced the owner to sell Beurs van Berlage in 2008. Four public and private parties bought the real estate and took over the full exploitation. Since 2008, the Beurs van Berlage has been a limited partnership with four equal shareholders: the municipality of Amsterdam, De Key, Amvest and BPD.

Regulations, terms and conditions


The Beurs is the central meeting place in the centre of Amsterdam in a national monument. Due to this position, the activities are different almost every day and there are many users and stakeholders. In our business operations, we want to take our stakeholders into account as much as possible and to conduct all our activities in a sustainable and socially responsible manner.

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Our collaborations

The Beurs van Berlage is a member of a number of associations and initiatives to ensure that we are not only nationally but also internationally known among the right target groups.

In addition, we are in possession of a number of certificates that are important for the industry.

Collaborations and certificates

Our ambassadors

Congresses promote knowledge transfer and knowledge development within a certain field, at both national and international level. By attending a conference, developments and breakthroughs can be presented, new products can be launched and new ideas can be created that have an impact on specific areas of expertise. The Beurs van Berlage considers this important and therefore has a strong focus on international scientific conferences.

We would like to have as many of these conferences as possible take place at our location. In addition, we brought in the help of scientists, professors and doctors who have attended or organised a congress in the Beurs van Berlage. They are happy to share their experience with potential or future conference organisers who are thinking of bringing a conference in their field to Amsterdam. The ambassadors actively use their network to generate more conferences that fit well in the Beurs van Berlage.

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Meeting place

Our mission is to offer a platform for meetings of all kinds in the centre of Amsterdam in one of the most famous historical monuments of the country. This meeting place brings people together, both private and business, to work, relax, enjoy or exchange knowledge and experience. By offering our visitors and users a unique experience at a very high level, a healthy return is achieved and the monument is preserved for future generations.

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Our tennants

Did you know that in the Beurs van Berlage, besides Sherlocked, Meet Berlage, Tony Chocolonely, Holland Rent a Bike, Bistro Berlage and the New York Film Academy Café, another 40 tenants use the Beurs van Berlage? We are updating the list but soon you will find the complete list of tenants here.

Our tennants


De Beurs van Berlage is located in the centre of Amsterdam on Damrak, Oude Brugsteeg and Beursstraat, directly opposite the central station, a short distance from highways and Schiphol Airport. The Beurs van Berlage is extremely easy to reach, both by public transport and by private transport. The Central Station is a stone’s throw away.

In the vicinity of the Beurs there are a number of large parking garages such as Parking Centrum Oosterdok and IJDock car park. The nearest parking garage is that of the Bijenkorf, but it is the least easy to reach by car due to long-lasting traffic jams in the city center and the least attractive price-wise. That is why we strongly recommend using Parking Centrum Oosterdok or IJDock car park.

Are you coming to Amsterdam with an electric car? Oosterdok has 60 charging points, IJDock car park has 12 charging points.

Due to the many activities in the city center, the approach routes to the Beurs van Berlage are constantly changing. We advise you to have a look on the City of Amsterdam website to check out the latest developments, if you decide to come to the Beurs by car.

In case you prefer a taxi, please let us know, we have a taxi partnership with Taxicentrale Amsterdam (TCA) so we can offer you the best rates and the best rides.

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Accessible for everyone

Beurs van Berlage is accessible to everyone. Despite the monumental status and the many stairs in the Beurs, we have the facilities to welcome less abled visitors.

Our accessibility starts at the main entrance. Thanks to a smart integrated lift, it is possible for less abled visitors to enter the Beurs via the stairs in the main entrance.

Accessibility for everyone Infosheet accessibility

What makes the Beurs van Berlage so unique?

Safe and flexible solutions

Together with you we would like to come up with the best solution for your event. We are also flexible in special circumstances and can switch quickly to offer a suitable and safe solution for your meeting. Physical, partially virtual (hybrid) or completely virtual, we are here for you.


Thanks to years of experience with large-scale events and conferences, we are able to realize high quality events time after time. With an average customer rating of 9.1/10 as a result. Our team of event specialists is ready to facilitate an unforgettable experience!


We’re happy to take away your worries, by offering fantastic culinary catering, professional organization, high technology support and extensive hotel services. In the Beurs van Berlage, only the best is good enough.

Ideal location

The building is located in the characteristic historic center of Amsterdam, opposite the Central Station and around the corner from Dam Square. Amidst impressive cultural highlights and no fewer than eight thousand hotel rooms.

Exceptional architecture

The design by master architect Berlage breathes history and vigor. It certainly leaves an unforgettable impression!

Excellent accessibility

In less than fifteen minutes from Schiphol Airport you’re already in the Beurs van Berlage. Moreover, there are ample parking opportunities within walking distance.

Want to know more?

If you would like to discuss the possibilities for your conference or event, we’re ready to help you!