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Would you like to organise an unforgettable conference or event? The Beurs van Berlage is the perfect place! Because of our long-time experience with events and conferences, both live and (partially) virtual, we know how to achieve the highest quality. Time after time and in the middle of the characteristic historical centre of Amsterdam. Would you like to see what the rooms look like, or rather have some to-the-point information about the capacity of the rooms and the possibilities of organising a hybrid event? Click below to discover the Beurs van Berlage.

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Together with partners Univate and Faber Audiovisuals, the Beurs van Berlage has realised a unique studio concept. The Effectenbeurszaal of the Beurs van Berlage now houses a state-of-the-art event studio – Studio Berlage.

Studio Berlage

Imagine being able to organise an event, where a part is pre-recorded, a part is broadcast live from a studio and an audience can be present at the same time!

This is now possible thanks to the recording studio that has been built in the Effectenbeurszaal in the Beurs van Berlage.

What makes the Studio Berlage unique is the exclusive setting and the special integration in the virtual Beurs van Berlage.

Due to the exclusive setting, speakers and organisers also experience the monumental atmosphere and top service of the event location.

Experience the flexibility

This unique arrangement offers a lot of flexibility. Based on the situation at the time that the event takes place, it can be decided to have an event take place entirely or partly virtually. The number of virtual visitors is unlimited. The number of visitors who actually physically visit the Beurs can easily be scaled up to the maximum visitor capacity of the Beurs van Berlage.

Thanks to this ready-to-use studio with LED decor design templates, the stage is ready to use in an instant, fully adapted to the colours and branding of your company.


Interact with the audience

Studio Berlage is not just a simple green screen where a speaker is projected flat into a background, it is a real stage in one of the historic rooms of the Amsterdam Conference Centre. We work with a LED base surrounded by a virtual world, which enables a lively interaction between audience, presenters or multiple keynote speakers at a distance.

Studio Berlage's strength lies in the combination of an online and live audience in a beautiful event location. Especially this combination makes it possible to turn your virtual event into a real experience. Moreover, we can make the Studio Berlage part of the Virtual Beurs van Berlage, making it possible for your virtual guests to have contact with other attendees.


How brilliant is this?

We can tell you how brilliant Studio Berlage is, but how about we let someone who has experienced it tell you how brilliant it is!

Mid-October, the Hersenstichting's Jubilee Award Ceremony was presented in the Beurs van Berlage, live from Studio Berlage. What should have been a great event with about 700 live guests, now turned into a fantastic virtual event with many more digital guests.

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Hotspot since 1903

Since the year 1903 the Beurs van Berlage has been a charming international hotspot. A building with grandeur and the place to be in the soul of Amsterdam where special things happen every day. Events, fairs, exhibitions and prestigious conferences.

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