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The Beurs van Berlage is a hotspot that cannot be missed during your visit to Amsterdam. It is the vibrant meeting point in the heart of the city. One thing is certain, there is always something to do in the unique historical building! Have a bite to eat in one of our restaurants, visit the Tony's Chocolonely shop for the tastiest chocolate, rent a bicycle or use one of the lockers in the Bike Rental and discover the secrets of Sherlocked. Check out events and the expositions in our calendar.

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We have been working hard to make safe meetings possible at the Beurs van Berlage. One of these solutions is the ability to host your event from Studio 1903, in the Beurs van Berlage. Read here what your options are to host your (partial) virtual event.

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Together with its partners Univate, Faber Audiovisuals and Online Seminar, the Beurs van Berlage is launching a new virtual event studio. Studio 1903 is located in the Administratiezaal of the Beurs van Berlage. The name of the studio refers to the year in which the Beurs van Berlage was opened. The new studio is smaller than the existing Studio Berlage, and is designed to completely relieve organizers of online webinars, seminars and other virtual events.

Studio 1903

Studio 1903 is located in the Administratiezaal of the Beurs van Berlage. The studio is located in a monumental setting, and is furnished with original furniture designed by H.P. Berlage himself.

Due to the exclusive setting, speakers and organisers also experience the monumental atmosphere and top service of the event location.

Online Seminar

For the realisation of Studio 1903, the Beurs van Berlage has entered into a partnership with Online Seminar. They provide an online platform that makes it possible to host a fully virtual event. What makes this solution unique is the ability to collect data, both at webinar and participant level. This data can then be automatically linked to your own CRM system.

Online Seminar

Advantages Studio 1903

  • Monumental setting
  • Central location
  • User profiling based on your wishes and needs
  • Data collection at webinar and participant level which can be automatically linked to a CRM system through an API
  • Fully Interactive replay link, ie the same interaction during the live webinar, is available immediately after live broadcast.
  • All data collection remains in effect in the review link
  • The webinars take place within a secure, personalized, webinar environment
  • Participants can only register on the basis of a verified e-mail address
  • Unlimited number of participants
  • Real-time data collection during the broadcast for an optimal participant experience
  • Excluding specific persons or target groups possible
  • AVG Proof

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Interested in the possibilities of Studio 1903? Download our info sheet or contact our event professionals! They will be happy to answer your questions about the possibilities of the new studio.

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Hotspot since 1903

Since the year 1903 the Beurs van Berlage has been a charming international hotspot. A building with grandeur and the place to be in the soul of Amsterdam where special things happen every day. Events, fairs, exhibitions and prestigious conferences.

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