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The Beurs van Berlage - the former merchants’ trade exchange - is the ultimate meeting place in Amsterdam. This prominent nationally listed building covers more than 16,000 square metres and has 21 rooms and halls for conferences, meetings, dinners, parties, receptions and exhibitions. The Beurs van Berlage is home to many events, to a large number of offices, a restaurant, flexible workplaces and a permanent exhibition area. Its rich history and architecture are highlighted by many climaxes and inspire many visitors, day in day out. The Beurs van Berlage is therefore the most inspiring meeting place in Amsterdam. An overview of current vacancies is shown below.

Unsolicited job application

If you cannot find a vacancy in your area of expertise, please send an unsolicited job application to Liesbeth Neef - Manager of Personnel Affairs.  

Current vacancies

You will find all our current vacancies on the Dutch version of this webpage. Although Beurs van Berlage is a very international oriented conference and events centre, all positions at the venue require Dutch spoken and written language skills.

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