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How do the first 5 years of life manifest themselves in the first 5 minutes of psychotherapy? That is the theme of the Day of Psychoterapy 2019 on December 13th.

The first 5 minutes

Many affective experiences and learning processes from early developmental phases manifest themselves during psychotherapy. Already in the first minutes of a session, these patterns unfold in the here and now, whether we like it or not.

We see traces from a distant past reflected in the dynamics of the present. Sometimes very openly, sometimes very covered: at the door, in the corridor, next to the coat rack, on the sofa, in the chair, at the table, in the group. What does the client do? And what does the partner leave? How does the system respond? What does the group use to do? The tone is set, the knives are sharpened and the sheets are handed out.

This requires a professional response: what will be the approach for today? The first blow is worth a fall. Because a good listener only needs half a word. But how do you take the lead as a psychotherapist? Based on intuition? Based on the treatment model? Or through specific psychotherapeutic interventions?

With professor Karl Heinz Brisch and professor Patrick Luyten we will zoom in on those significant first five minutes.

In the afternoon you choose from no less than 10 different parallel sessions that shed light on the theme from different angles and frames of reference. Writer and presenter Stephan Sanders concludes the day with his story.


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