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Beurs van Berlage

The Beurs van Berlage is a hotspot that cannot be missed during your visit to Amsterdam. It is the vibrant meeting point in the heart of the city. One thing is certain, there is always something to do in the unique historical building! Have a bite to eat in one of our restaurants, visit the Tony's Chocolonely shop for the tastiest chocolate, order the most delicious fish dishes in The Seafood Bar, rent a bicycle or use one of the lockers in the Bike Rental and discover the secrets of Sherlocked. Check out events and the expositions in our calendar.

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Imagine: a place where a thousand entrepreneurs, experts and decision makers come together. All with the same goal in mind: faster to a circular, climate-neutral and inclusive economy with fair chains. Thursday January 23, 2020, the Beurs van Berlage is this place!

The largest sustainability festival for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs in the new economy strive for increasing sales figures, but also for a clean living environment, endless reuse of materials and the use of everyone’s talent. An ambitious mission that raises the question for many companies: how do I set up my business model so that my company remains financially healthy at the same time?

Finding the right balance between financial profit and social impact is not easy in practice. It is not for nothing that that is precisely the theme of this largest annual event of MVO Nederland.

A special location

To investigate this balance, NE20 takes place in the historic heart of capitalism: the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam. For one day we transform this iconic place into an entrepreneurial festival and stock market at the same time. You “invest" in the topics in the new economy that are most relevant to you. Short-term financial returns thus make way for a future-proof stock market portfolio.


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You can find more information about NE20, the program and the reservation of your ticket via the link below.

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We can imagine that after this party you want to stay the night in Amsterdam. We offer especially for you as a guest at the Most Markant party, in cooperation with the Beurs van Berlage, special rates at four hotels.

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