Magnum x Eloise van Oranje



Beurs van Berlage

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In collaboration with Magnum, Eloise van Oranje opens the pop-up exhibition LAYERED in the Beurs van Berlage on August 25th. Ready to show your layers? Don’t miss out and sign up.

Eloise van Oranje – popular Instagrammer with 250,000 followers, enters into a first commercial collaboration and joins forces with ice cream brand Magnum. Originally planned in Paradiso, but moved to the Beurs van Berlage due to stricter measures, Eloise van Oranje opens the pop-up exhibition LAYERED, made possible by Magnum, on August 25th.

In the interactive experience, according to Magnum, stereotypes are exposed and the power of self-expression is celebrated.

In a world where online visibility on social media, for example, quickly leads to prejudice and stereotypes, openly criticizing others is easier than ever. On August 25, the Beurs van Berlage will be transformed into LAYERED, celebrating the freedom and creativity that true self-expression brings. In the pop-up exhibition, Eloise van Oranje takes the visitor along in her vision of the power of being fully yourself, based on sources of inspiration that are important to her. In an audiovisual experience, the visitor is taken into the personal stories that lie behind the picture you see on the outside. Eloise wants to offer a stage for the real, pure and iconic sides of yourself that make a person unique.



For more information and to reserve a spot, go to the Eventgoose website via the link below.

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