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Amsterdam Conference Centre Beurs van Berlage would like to provide you with the latest trends from Amsterdam. Would you like to stay informed about the latest trends on Culture, Historie, Conferences, Food and Hotels? Read the latest issue of the Amsterdam Trends or register to our 'Amsterdam Trends' newsletter below and receive the latest facts quarterly.

Are you interested in the public activities in the Beurs? We also publish a Dutch newsletter - In de Beurs - with the latest news on the public events in the Beurs.

Amsterdam Trends 

Every quarter we publish the ‘Amsterdam Trends’. This is a digital newsletter which contains the latest trends on Food,  Hotels, Amsterdam Street Vibes, Events and Conferences in Amsterdam.

This newsletter is not only interesting to read when you are working in the event sector, it is also a real joy the receive the ‘Amsterdam Trends’ in you mailbox when you are a fan of cultural experiences.

Read the latest issues here:

Shopping Becomes “A Thing” in Amsterdam

What makes a European city a great shopping city? The answer may be variety. Read more..

Dutch Foods to Bring Home

It’s a phenomenon: you go to a new city for a meeting—or a holiday—and you eat something so delicious. Read more..

Conferences for Perfectionists

If you’re a professional conference planner, you probably don’t need our advice. Why not? Read more..

The Truth about Bikes in Amsterdam

What would the city of Amsterdam be without its Rembrandts, canals…and bikes? Read more..

Cyborgs to Smorgasbords: Today’s Tech Conference

What defines today’s tech conference? Sure, it’s still a solid opportunity to share knowledge. Read more..

What Defines the Ideal Conference City?

What attracts people to a city for a conference—and keeps them coming back for more? Read more..

What Technology Do I Bring to a Conference?

In the scramble to pack for a conference, just remembering to pack your laptop charger is a win. But a larger question looms: what tech do you bring? Read more..

“Doing” Christmas, Dutch-style.

What’s trending in Amsterdam at Christmastime? Read more..

Vegetarian Amsterdam: It’s a “Thing”

It’s a trend: eating more plant-based foods, and leaving the animal-based diet behind. Read more..

Chocolate Only Tastes Good When…

Mmmmm, chocolate. Or at least we think “Mmmmm” at first bite. But with a bitter past. Read more..

Should You Order the Tasting Menu?

We’re living in a cultural moment in which diversity is valued. Diverse voices. Diverse races. Diverse genders. So why not diverse menus? Read more..

The Pop-up Store—and More

We rarely hear that Amsterdam is known to be a testing ground for new ideas, new products, and untried services. Read more..

The “Best” Restaurants in Amsterdam—Part 1

How do we judge “the best” restaurants in Amsterdam? Read more..

Calling All Celebrities: The Luxury Hotel

Whatever, there’s an idea floating around Amsterdam that super-star Beyoncé stayed at Amsterdam’s W Hotel during her 2016 world tour. Read more..

Beyond Cool: A Unique Boutique Hotel

Question: What do you call it when a hotel is way past “cool?” Awnser? Read more..

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