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Overview of halls and rooms

The image shows you a floor plan of all the halls and rooms in the Beurs van Berlage. The meeting rooms and breakout rooms can be found on the first floor, while the large exchange halls are situated on the ground floor. For an atmospheric impression or more information about the original function of the rooms, click on the room of your choice in the heading Information about rooms and halls in the next column. 

If you wish to organise an event, conference or meeting, please go to the organisation page of this website.

Floorplan Amsterdam Conference Centre Beurs van Berlage
Grote Zaal Amsterdam Conference Centre Beurs van Berlage

0.2 Grote Zaal

The Grote Zaal of the Beurs van Berlage is the largest one of its kind in Amsterdam city centre and is ideal for large dinners, presentations, exclusive trade fairs or a fantastic party.

0.3 Beursfoyer

The Beursfoyer links up the three largest halls of the Beurs van Berlage. The Beursfoyer makes it possible to use the Grote Zaal, Effectenbeurszaal and Graanbeurszaal independently.

0.4 Effectenbeurszaal

The Effectenbeurszaal is an inspiring hall that has seen many uses over the years. From stock exchange to concert hall, anything is possible here. 

0.5 Graanbeurszaal

In the old days, the crisp northern light was used to inspect grain, and now it is ideal for conferences, seminars and parties, in the rays of natural light. 

Beurs van Berlage Amsterdam Keurzaal

0.6 Keurzaal

The Keurzaal used to form part of the Graanzaal and can be found in the northern wing of the Beurs van Berlage. The Keurzaal is mainly used as a smaller conference room or for dinners and receptions.  

1.1 Administratiezaal

The Administratiezaal originally was the meeting room of the Vereeniging Voor den Effectenhandel (Amsterdam Stock Exchange Association). Even today, the Administratiezaal is ideal for conferences, symposiums and meetings.

Breakout rooms

The Breakout rooms can be hired individually as meeting rooms, but they can also be combined and used as breakout rooms for brainstorming sessions during conferences. The Beurs van Berlage has the following breakout rooms:

  • 1.2 Mendes da Costa kamer
  • 1.3 Zijl kamer
  • 1.4 Verwey kamer
  • 1.5 Roland Holst kamer
  • 1.6 Derkinderen kamer
  • 1.8 Blauwe kamer
  • 1.10 Ontvangkamer

1.9 Berlage zaal

The Berlage zaal is the most impressive one thanks to its stained-glass windows and authentic carpet that dates back to the days when the Chamber of Commerce and Industry used it as an office in 1903.   

Veilingzaal Beurs van Berlage Amsterdam

1.20 Veilingzaal

The Veilingzaal used to form part of the Graanbeurszaal. After the grain was inspected in the Graanbeurszaal, it was auctioned among traders in the hall situated at Damrak. These days, this hall is used as a meeting, conference and events hall. 

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