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Conference for up to 200 persons

Amsterdam has many venues for symposia between 10 and 200 persons. These venues may suit your needs better than the Beurs van Berlage, due to the size of our halls. So as to offer you a good alternative, we like to refer you to the collaboration we started with other prominent venues in Amsterdam city centre, called Meet Berlage and Unique Venues of Amsterdam.

Beurs van Berlage organises symposia for 200 persons and more.

Meet Berlage

On the foundations of our economy, you will find Meet Berlage - situated around the former stock exchange. Meet Berlage can accommodate conferences, meetings, symposia and presentations for up to 70 guests. With a fantastic view over Amsterdam Central Station, we offer you all the facilities you need for your event. The event will be arranged from A to Z, varying from multi-day corporate symposiums to low-threshold meetings for your start-up.


Meet Berlage was inspired by Seats2meet.com. It combines flexible workspace with halls for events and conferences. Meet Berlage has various unique meeting rooms and is located in one of the most inspiring conference venues in the Netherlands. Want to organise a conference here? You can book online or contact Meet Berlage on 020 261 09 03 or www.meetberlage.com.

About Unique Venues of Amsterdam

Unique Venues of Amsterdam is a collaboration that was set up by six unique venues in Amsterdam in 2014. Born from a need to turn client meetings into the biggest possible success, the Unique Venues of Amsterdam aim to bring all unique venues of Amsterdam to the attention of national and international events sectors. 

Unique venue

In addition to the usual attractions of Amsterdam, this city has much more to offer. Unique venues that were only known by the locals or well-informed insiders can now also be found via the public website.


Basic principles of Unique Venues of Amsterdam

Beurs van Berlage collaborates with Unique Venues of Amsterdam, because we have the same ideals. They are:

  • Unique, individual events venues in Amsterdam
  • All located in the city centre
  • All venues have a professional hire department
  • All venues offer a full service package
  • All venues actively work on putting Amsterdam on the map in a positive way
  • All venues have been approved by the board of Unique Venues of Amsterdam and meet very strict requirements.


If you want  advise on organising your symposium in Amsterdam or if you need any information about Unique Venues, please contact our Sales Managers. They all have a wealth of experience and knowledge in the area of national and international symposia and are able to provide you with all the advice you need. They are happy to tell you more about the costs of our symposium venue and will help you decide which conference halls and rooms suit your symposium best.

You can reach them by telephone between 9.00 and 17.00 hrs on +31(0)20 - 531 33 55, or you can send an e-mail using the form on this page or directly to events@beursvanberlage.com.

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