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Gala night for 1200 to 2600 persons

The Beurs van Berlage has years of experience in arranging gala nights at a high level. Each year, we welcome national and international guests for an unforgettable experience in this unique location in Amsterdam. When clients want to organise a gala night for between 1200 and 2600 persons, they opt for the Beurs van Berlage for the following reasons:

  • Central location in the heart of Amsterdam;
  • Expertise in High Level events;
  • Historic and architectural features of the building;
  • Spectacular views of Amsterdam Central Station;
  • A five-minute walk from Amsterdam Central Station and various car parks.

Gala location

When Berlage designed the Beurs van Berlage, it had to accommodate various exchanges. The commodity exchange, the corn exchange and the stock exchange which were held in three large main halls. This spaces are ideal for a gala night in one of the halls or in a combination of several halls.


  • Grote Zaal: 1600 persons;
  • Effectenbeurszaal: 700 persons;
  • Graanbeurszaal: 700 persons.

Dinner Maison van den Boer

For its dinners, the Beurs van Berlage has an exclusive contract with Maison van den Boer catering company. Maison van den Boer was selected on the basis of a shared high ambition in the fields of quality, hospitality and service.

It has composed three different three-course meals and two dinner buffets for the Beurs van Berlage, inspired by the story and history of the Beurs van Berlage. We can of course also arrange customised dinner packages that are in line with your objective or theme.


Facilities for gala nights

To guarantee the highest quality and the latest technologies, Beurs van Berlage uses preferred lighting and audiovisual suppliers. The basic equipment of a hall is often included in your package price and any extras you need for the perfect gala night can be connected to the existing system. 

Hotel service

Beurs van Berlage Hotel service has taken out contracts with all nearby hotels. This means we can offer you the lowest rates (it will not be possible to find lower rates elsewhere) and our conditions, such as those for cancellation, are also better.

When you book rooms for larger groups, you can opt to have your guests book individual rooms via an online booking system, offering the best conditions right away. Your organisation does not run any risk, as you do not have to sign any hotel contracts.


For a customised quote for your gala night, please contact our Sales Managers. They all have a wealth of experience and knowledge in the area of national and international conferences and are able to provide you with all the advice you need. They are happy to tell you more about the costs of our conference venue and will help you decide which conference halls and rooms suit your gala night best.

You can reach them by telephone between 9.00 and 17.00 hrs on +31(0)20 - 531 33 55, or you can send an e-mail using the form on this page or directly to events@beursvanberlage.com.

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