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Beurs van Berlage organisation

Key values

Since 2008, the Beurs van Berlage has been a limited partnership with four equal shareholders, namely the Municipality of Amsterdam, De Key, Amvest and BPD Nederland BV. From that date, the building as a whole has known one organisation and clearly defined basic principles:

  • Open and accessible;
  • Preservation and expansion of social function;
  • A competitive return;
  • Preservation of the monument for future generations.

House rules

As a public building we have some house rules. We kindly ask our visitors to honour them so that we can maintain a respectful relationship. 

Our vision

In order to achieve the aforementioned key values, the Beurs van Berlage offers a platform for meetings. The following vision was formulated to realise this: “Personal encounters have become even more valuable in an increasingly faster paced “digital” world, especially when they occur in a special place, in a special environment.”

Our mission

The Beurs van Berlage distinguishes itself thanks to:

  • The authentic and unique stories;
  • Its high level of hospitality, service and quality to clients and guests;
  • The various elements that enhance each other;
  • By “opening” the building and offering its visitors and users a unique experience;
  • A healthy return is achieved and the monument will be preserved for future generations.

This results in the following mission: “To be the best conference and event centre at 5-star level. Each of our staff is personally ready to make any enounter in the Beurs van Berlage an unforgettable experience!”

Beurs van Berlage Management Team


The Beurs van Berlage has various departments, managed by the departmental managers who together form the management team: 

  • Financial Director: Hakima Nouzi
  • Operations Director: Sebastiaan de Grip
  • Property Director: Kelvin van Nimwegen
  • Management Assistant: Marianne Out
  • Commercial Director: Michiel Lindenbergh
  • HR Manager: Liesbeth Neef
  • Managing Director: Marcel C.B. Schonenberg


The Beurs van Berlage is a central meeting place in Amsterdam city centre, in a nationally listed building. Due to its function, the activities that take place here are different every day and there are many users and stakeholders. In our business operations, we want to take our stakeholders into account to the greatest possible extent and we undertake all our activities in a sustainable and socially responsible manner.

People, Planet, Profit

By being aware of the fact that the Beurs van Berlage is an exceptional building and that this comes with its own restrictions, we pursue a sustainability policy that takes the three Ps (People, Planet, Profit) as a sustainable basic principle to the greatest possible extent. The full sustainability mission and vision can be found in the attached PDF.

Organisatie Beurs van Berlage Amsterdam


First aid and security

The Beurs van Berlage has 5 AEDs for first aid and emergency units can be found at the main ways out. Alliance Beveiliging is responsible for security during events and conferences. 


The Beurs van Berlage has a continuous events permit. During the night, the building is subject to certain times. They are:

  • Monday to Friday: Available for use until 04:00 hrs.
  • Saturday and Sunday: Available for use until 05:00 hrs.


The Beurs van Berlage is affiliated with CLC events insurance. This fund offers security for risks that may arise at any event.    


The Beurs van Berlage is located in Amsterdam city centre at Damrak, Oude Brugsteeg and Beursstraat, right opposite Amsterdam Central Station and within a short distance from motorways and Schiphol Airport.

The visiting and correspondence address of the Beurs van Berlage C.V. is:

Damrak 243
1012 ZJ Amsterdam
North Holland

More information about contact with the Beurs van Berlage.

Business units

The Beurs van Berlage has various business units and activities, the biggest and most important of which is the conference and events centre. In addition, the Beurs van Berlage offers the following activities:

Bistro Berlage (more info)
New York Film Academy Cafe

Two permanent exhibition rooms
In the north and south wings (more info)

Flexible work and meeting areas
Meet Berlage (more info)

About 45 businesses of various size and active in different areas keep their offices in the Beurs van Berlage. (more info)

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