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The genius Leonardo da Vinci at Beurs van Berlage

Until June 20th 2017 the travelling exhibition "Leonardo da Vinci - Artist - Inventor - Genius" will strike down at the Beurs van Berlage. The extensive exhibition shows that Leonardo da Vinci was much more than the painter of the Mona Lisa. He opened his mind and was - in his years in the fifteenth century-  i thinking hundred years ahead.

"When mind and hand do not go together, you do not create art" - Leonardo da Vinci


Who was Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) is known as the most liberal and brilliant scientist, artist and inventor ever. His work is still undiminished after his death nearly five hundred years ago. The recent discovery of an original pen drawing (estimated value € 15 million) in Paris and the sale of a private collection by the Polish government containing Da Vinci's Lady with Ermine (1490) were front-page news worldwide.

Born in Anchiano Italy, near Da Vinci, he studied under Verrocchio, and then moved on to Milan, where he painted “The Last Supper.” He would eventually create the world’s most famous portrait, “Mona Lisa” (“La Giaconda”), which demonstrates his psychological approach to the figure and many of his innovative painting techniques. Not only Da Vinci's works, but also his inventions still appeal to the imagination.


The famous work of Leonardo da Vinci

The exhibition "Leonardo da Vinci - Artist - Inventor - Genius" makes all his work tangible for a wide audience. In addition to reproductions of Da Vinci's most famous works, the exhibition includes more than dozens of wood reconstructed inventions. These are meticulously put together by Italian craftsmen, based on Da Vinci's original drawings and a large part of this inventions can be touched or be operated by the visitors. The literal tangibility of the work shown, gives an insight in the mind of the genius and paints a clear picture of how far Da Vinci was ahead of his time.

Visitors will be taken through the myths and legends of his life and feel how Da Vinci's legacy even today still inspires, challenges and opens a window in the head that allows creativity.

Beurs van Berlage celebrates Da Vinci's birthday

Beurs van Berlage celebrates Da Vinci's birthday

To recall Da Vinci's 565th birthday, free workshops and lectures will be organised (for all ages) in May.

Kicking off will be science journalist Diederik Jekel. On Thursday May 11th, he will give a free lecture on the impact Da Vinci's inventions have on the present and the future.

Those interested in the workshops and lectures can register via info@brandnewexpo.nl

Ticket information exhibition

Leonardo da Vinci - Artist - Inventor - Genius

Period: January 27th - June 20th 2017
Location: Beurs van Berlage, Damrak 243, 1012 ZJ Amsterdam - the Netherlands
Open: Daily from 11am to 6pm, ticket desk closes at 5:15pm.

Tickets at the ticket desk

Adults € 14,50
Museum / CJP-card € 10,50
Children 6-16 years € 6,50
Family ticket (4 persons)  € 35

Tickets online

Adult € 11,50
Museum / CJP-card € 9,50
Children 6-16 years € 5,50
Family ticket € 30

Online ticket prices are inclusive of € 1 service costs. Children younger than 6 years old are welcome. They don’t need to buy a ticket. The adult rate starts at 16 years.

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