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A special photographic tribute to the senior citizens of Amsterdam, people without whom life would not be as good as it is today. An exhibition of beautiful photography by the great talent M.M. Nai, in which we pay a special tribute to more than a hundred senior  citizens of Amsterdam.

Special tribute to special people

From September 24th, the beautiful works of art by the young Dutch photographer Mathilde Maria Nai will hang on the walls in the Beurs van Berlage in large format, appropriate for these great people. Individuals each with their own unique story.

Take Femma Fleijsman, for example. As a 16-year-old girl she was deported from Amsterdam via Westerbork and Bergen-Belsen to Auschwitz. There she stood face to face with Josef Mengele – the angel of death. “He looked me straight in the eye. I kept praying and believing: I'm going home again." An unprecedented fighter and a fantastic person. With her unadulterated humor and her beautiful children, she is still at the center of life at 93 years old. The oldest of all the models in the exhibition and also the most beautiful cover model for the book.


The exhibition

After we have selected the most beautiful photos of everyone, we will have the works of art specially printed. And that will of course not be just a photo, but a really large format work of art of no less than 1 by 1 meter.

All models receive the tribute as they deserve. In a beautiful space in the Beurs van Berlage, everyone becomes a real celebrity for more than 9 weeks. Next to the artwork we place a short mention with the name and an appropriate short story of the model.

All models receive two free tickets from us for the exhibition so that they can admire themselves.

And the unique thing is that all models are allowed to pick up this work of art after the exhibition and hang it at home or with the children or grandchildren.

The photos will be taken by M.M. Nai – or fully Mathilde Maria Nai – a young Dutch photographer.

Read more about the photographer M.M. Nai

The book

Because we think the more than 9 weeks of tribute to the senior citizens of Amsterdam is actually not enough, we will also record everyone in a very special book. And one person is going to be the cover model.

This nice and thick and large coffee table book measuring 30 by 30 centimeters and over 200 pages will be the ultimate and lasting ode to these unique people who have meant and still mean so much to us.

Each “model" will of course receive his or her own copy when they come to the exhibition. Signed by the photographer and by the creator of 'DE DUVEL IS OUD'.

This book is for sale from September 24 at the Beurs van Berlage for € 39.95


The creator

The initiator and creator of this unique exhibition as an ode to the senior citizens of  Amsterdam is The Charles Company. A creative consultancy, working for various well-known brands and publisher of children's books such as Kees de Kikker, Moos de Meeuw and Nel het Nijlpaard.

They have produced this unique exhibition together with de Beurs van Berlage. They also published the special book.

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More information and tickets

The exhibition DE DUVEL IS OLD will be on view in the Beurs van Berlage from September 24th till November 28th, 2021.

Tickets are available through Ticketmaster.

The Beurs van Berlage is fully accessible, also for the less abled.

Buy your ticket via Ticketmaster Visit the website of the creator

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