Monique Collignon

FashionArt 2020-2021


Beurs van Berlage

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“On March 12, 2020, everyday life changed for many, but also their future. In my creative environment, fashion, theater, music, but also sports, I saw that the flow had disappeared. That was not allowed to happen, because creativity must be bubbling. “

From June 26 to September 19, the result of Monique Collignon's creativity can be admired in the Beurs van Berlage, in the beautiful exhibition FashionArt 2020-2021.

Creativity connects and inspires

I got the idea to bring together creative people from my circle. What started with an idea of 15 teams quickly grew to 21 teams. As a kind of casting director I put together the teams: model, photographer and make-up artist.

For each team I selected a number of my couture pieces and accessories. The 3 from the team made their own choice.

My challenge would be not to interfere with styling or photography. Everything was allowed. Believe me, that is already very difficult for me.

Their assignment was to let go, to think out of the box. It was not going to be MC fashion photography, but FashionArt.

Then I found a partner in hannah Skin Improvement to realise this project.


Everything to inspire people

My first task was to stimulate the teams and possibly, if necessary, take them out of their comfort zone. Then I wanted to compile this exhibition and make a book about this project. Everything to inspire people.

I have a solitary profession. It initially happens in my head before I entrust it onto paper. Of course I can set and make everything myself. But is that the goal?

To involve others with their capacities, to form a unity. Only in this way has my work been able to grow.

Every person has a degree of creativity, some more than others. Creativity is a great asset and connecting is important. Especially in these uncertain times when it sometimes seems that empathy is hard to find. Working together takes you so much further.



It has been a project of months. 62 people involved in the teams. All shoots and appointments have been done in between lockdowns and were completely Corona-proof including face masks. What started in 2020 has come to life in 2021.

All this initially started with me, in my brain and by visualizing. But it could have come about through past and future collaborations, through relationships built up and mutual respect.

In other words, by connecting. My thanks are big to everyone involved in this. This would not have happened without their enthusiasm and cooperation.

I hope you enjoy it a lot and may it inspire you to many beautiful things.

Monique Collignon ❤️


More information and tickets

The FashionArt 2020-2021 exhibition by Monique Collignon – will be on view in the Beurs van Berlage from 26 June to 19 September 2021, daily from 11am – 5pm.

Entrance fee: € 7.50
Children up to and including 12 years: € 2.50

Tickets are available through Ticketmaster via the link below.

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