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7 July 2018 - 09:00 to 17:00

The first ever Women in Tech conference in the Beurs van Berlage - hosted by Meet Berlage - seeks to provide an open forum in which women are empowered to network, expand their knowledge both within and outside their field of expertise, and share their experiences with one another. Ensuring that women are afforded access to, control over, and the ability to create and shape the future of technology, are at the core of our vision. As such, we hope to facilitate interaction and encourage networking opportunities for women, both already in the tech industry, and those looking to find their footing.

The conference itself will include a variety of dynamic speakers to engage in meaningful discourse on thought leadership, innovation, opportunities and challenges surrounding women in today’s tech workforce. There will also be creative and interactive workshops to challenge participants and encourage interaction. This interaction is one of the key tenants of the conference itself. One of the key tenants of the event itself is that no one should feel left out. It is therefore the responsibility of every attendee to make sure that everyone is included.

Women at all stages in their career, whether in a technical position or at a tech company, are invited to attend. Leaders in their selected industries will be sharing their journeys, leadership strategies and insights.

We invite all to come and enjoy a full day of workshops, speeches, and amazing opportunities to build authentic relationships and develop professionally.

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