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In the old days, the Beursfoyer was used as a communications room. These days it acts as a linking room, making it possible to simply link up the large halls. This page tells you more about the history of the Beursfoyer. 

Merchants’ trade exchange

The Beurs van Berlage was designed more than a century ago as a merchants’ trade exchange by Hendrik Petrus Berlage, one of the most prominent architects from the Netherlands. The merchants’ trade exchange was opened by Queen Wilhelmina on 27 May 1903.


The Beursfoyer was originally used for communication by exchange traders. It was fitted with telegraph, telephone and a post office, making it ideal to send important messages to partners across the country. These days, this room is a perfect link between the main entrance and the various large conference and events halls.  

360 degrees Beursfoyer

Google Street View allows you to wander through the Beurs van Berlage online. The 360-degree photos of the Beursfoyer can be found at the bottom of this page.

Beurs van Berlage Beursfoyer


Situated between the large halls, this was the ideal place for traders to meet each other in-between trading. In the side foyers, they could communicate with the outside world on various levels. There was a small post office, they could send telegrams and make phone calls in one of the wooden phone boxes, which are still there.


An elephant, carved in stone, can be found on the corner of the Beursfoyer, heading for the Grote Zaal. The story about this elephant is that architect H.P. Berlage cut off the tusks because he did not want anything “to stick out above ground level”. Everything had to be equal to each other.

The Beursfoyer makes it possible to organise events and concerts in the old corn and stock exchanges simultaneously without causing any noise disturbance for each other.

Beurs van Berlage Beursfoyer

The walls depict poems by Albert Verwey:

TELEGRAPH OFFICE (in the passage)

Hier gaat voor elk die ’t wenscht de wereld open
En ’t willend woord snelt langs gestrekte lijn.
Geheimen die van de aarde en ’t leven zijn
Bezielen ’t stel en doen het de aard doorlopen.


’t Spreek-werktuig brengt d’een mensch den, andren nader,
’t Gesproken woord vindt een geopend oor:
Boodschap en vraag vliegt de stads-wijken door,
En daad en antwoord volgen ze te gader.


De daad van velen is elke ‘enkling licht,
De duizendvoudge vracht in-eens gedragen,
Maakt één van duizend dien in schuit nog wagen
Vervoerders worden van hun licht gewicht.


Doch stad niet enkel, ‘Rijk vereent die draad,
Die heinde en ver hoorder verbindt en spreker;
Gedachte en stemtoon hoort men even zeker,
’t Zij me in ’s lands hart of op ’s lands grenzen staat

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