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Beyond Cool: A Unique Boutique Hotel

Question: What do you call it when a hotel is way past “cool?”
Answer: We call it warm. And warmth is exactly what you feel on entering INK—it feels emotionally warm

On a recent visit to the INK Hotel, we noticed that there’s no front desk. INK’s Marlo Vermeulen told us why: Instead, you’ll find a free-floating table. It’s staffed with friendly people who are quick to step over and help you.

And how’s this for warm and friendly: INK’s general manager doesn’t have her own office; she hangs out on the hotel’s main floor, in the restaurant and bar.

And consider Rob, who handles Guest Relations for INK. His business card describes him as “the perfect friend.” Why do we care? Because Rob is a local. He knows the secret places in the city that guests want to see. And he’s happy to share info.

We liked INK, all right. And, Googling, we found more guests agreed with us. “I can't say enough about how wonderful [the INK staff] were,” one Yelp reviewer says. It’s not that INK is perfect. It’s that they listen and they care

So, how does INK do it? Well, every hotel has a niche. And, apparently, the INK Hotel has found theirs: being wall-to-wall authentic. Pleasant. And polite. We hope this is a trend—and other Amsterdam hotels will follow.

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