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Calling All Celebrities: The Luxury Hotel

You can call it a rumor, or you can call it an urban myth. Whatever, there’s an idea floating around Amsterdam that super-star Beyoncé stayed at Amsterdam’s W Hotel during her 2016 world tour.

Trying to confirm the story, we talked with Thomas van Keulen, marketing manager of the W Hotel.

He laughed, not exactly at us, but with us. Of course hotels have privacy policies. And of course we may never know if Beyoncé imbibed the luxury of the W.

Meanwhile, back in New York, just a few days ago this unidentified woman got her own confirmation about Beyoncé: she bumped into her in the hallway!

In any case, it says a lot about a hotel when it inspires celebrity-rumors. That goes for the W Hotel, as well. After all, what is there for Beyoncé not to like!? The W boasts three “watering holes”—The Duchess, a French restaurant and bar; Mr. Porter, a steak house clearly named after the Porterhouse Steak; and a bar called the W Lounge. Add to that a spa (with a pool, of course) and a gym, plus a lounge with 360-degree views of the city.

At that end of the day, that’s a lot of luxury—that celebrities (and mere mortals) can enjoy.

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