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Chocolate Only Tastes Good When…Chocolate Only Tastes Good When…

Mmmmm, chocolate. Or at least we think “Mmmmm” at first bite. But we may eventually realize that some chocolate has a bitter aftertaste. Because it has a bitter past.

It’s totally on-trend to realize that chocolate—and every single other food we eat—only tastes good when it’s made responsibly. This is the message of the Tony’s Chocolonely exhibit, “Bitter Chocolate Stories,” (Oct. 13 to Nov. 22, at the Beurs van Berlage). The show helps us experience the down-side of the sweets we eat: there may be child labor involved. Slavery. And poverty is widespread in the countries where chocolate is produced. 

Happily, chocolate producer Tony’s Chocolonely is on The Food Empowerment Project’s list of chocolate companies they feel comfortable recommending. We’re super-glad! Because on Nov. 23, Tony’s Chocolonely will sponsor Tony’s FAIR (also at the Beurs van Berlage). A ticket to the fair (around €15 euros) will get you into “Bitter Chocolate Stories” and will also earn you a sneak peek at the company’s upcoming brand store. For Dutch speakers, “Serious Talks” features chocolate experts. And everyone will enjoy the chocolate-themed edibles, plus music, music, music.  

Can’t make it to Tony’s FAIR? Then come to the Chocoa Festival, on Feb. 24 & 25, 2018. It’s another celebration of chocolate, where you’ll find out how it’s made—from bean to bar. (Tickets cost €12.)  

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