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The Pop-up Store—and More

We’re used to hearing about Amsterdam as Europe’s most liberal city. But we rarely hear that Amsterdam is known to be a testing ground for new ideas, new products, and untried services.

Enter the concept of the “pop-up”—the commercial trial run, designed to test the viability of nearly anything. Pop-ups provide the possibility that whatever you need, at a given moment, may spontaneously appear.

If the thing you’re looking for is food, for example, then you’ll be interested in Yummy Meals Pop-up Store (Wibautstraat 20).

If it’s something less conventional you’re after—say, a pop-up (or pop-in) massage, you’ll want to call an on-the-spot masseuse, perhaps “We Like Massage,” which calls itself “The mobile massage company for awesome people.”

And of course you’ll need a bike mechanic by your side at that blasted moment when you accidentally drop your key in the canal. That’s why DrBeyk's Mobile Bike Service exists.

Then there’s our favorite: the pop-up ego-booster. Last month, when we were most in need of some encouragement, we stopped in for some kind words from a pop-up street psychologist. “I can tell that you’re a very kind person,” she said—and we were sent off humming for the rest of the day. 

For better or for worse, pop-ups are a temporary pleasure. So, will that wonderful masseuse—or bike-repair woman, or ego-booster—still be here when you come to Amsterdam? We guess you’ll just have to wait and see.

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