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Amsterdam Conference Centre

Beurs van Berlage

Would you like to organise an unforgettable conference or event? The Beurs van Berlage is the perfect place! Because of our long-time experience with events and conferences, both live and (partially) virtual, we know how to achieve the highest quality. Time after time and in the middle of the characteristic historical centre of Amsterdam. Would you like to see what the rooms look like, or rather have some to-the-point information about the capacity of the rooms and the possibilities of organising a hybrid event? Click below to discover the Beurs van Berlage.

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How to proceed

You may want to organise a conference or event at the Beurs or want to view the calendar to  visit us. The Beurs van Berlage is also home to Bistro BerlageMeet BerlageSherlocked, a bicycle storage facility and various businesses. Perhaps you want to find out more about the history or about our organisation.

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Secret of the Beurs van Berlage

Another option may be that you were looking for the secret of the Beurs van Berlage. Fortunately, it is safely kept in our system of safes in the basement. You can unlock the secret by taking part in Sherlocked.

Free book

Print this page and take it with you. When you succeed in breaking into our system of safes, you will receive a free copy of the Beurs van Berlage book. You can book an experience via


Hotspot since 1903

Al sinds het jaar 1903 is de Beurs van Berlage een internationale hotspot met charme. Een gebouw met grandeur. Maar ook ‘the place to be’ in de ziel van Amsterdam waar bijzondere dingen gebeuren. Evenementen, beurzen, exposities en congressen van wereldformaat.

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Ontdek de beurs

Is uw belangstelling gewekt en wilt u graag verder praten over de mogelijkheden voor úw congres of evenement? Wij staan voor u klaar!