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Those who are celebrating a birthday give out treats and the Beurs van Berlage is doing this in a very special way. Because of its 115 years anniversary, the Beurs van Berlage makes the building available - for one day - to a charity for free.

Managing Director Marcel Schonenberg is enthusiastic about the plan devised by his employees. "It is a fantastic idea to offer our building, which is home to the most fantastic conferences and events day in day out, now in a completely non benifitful way. That thought fits really well with the ideas of Architect Berlage and with our ambition to be a accessible place for everyone, "says Marcel.

We are happy to challenge all charities and social organizations to register a great idea for an event with us. We will invite the five best ideas for a further presentation and acquaintance, after which we will jointly realize the winning plan in the third weekend of September 2018.

We look forward as an event organization to receive nice, unique plans where we can use our knowledge, experience and material. In this jubilee year we would very much like to make this unique gesture and contribute our part to an appealing social and charitable cause.

For more information or applications, please contact:
Casper Brackel of the Lustrum Committee
E mail: lustrum@beursvanberlage.com
Tel: 020-5313355

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